BrightPath - About Us


BrightPath is a statewide organization of local health care providers committed to improving the health of our communities and to change health care at the community level.  

BrightPath is owned and operated by local physicians and hospitals throughout Idaho and adjoining states. The purpose of the BrightPath health network is to offer health care services directly to employers, payers and other health care stakeholders in a manner that allows providers to work collaboratively with employers and payers to bring additional value to the local communities we serve.

With a shared vision to provide cost-effective, quality health care, BrightPath:

  • Offers a high level of service to providers, employers, participants, and payers that we work with collaboratively. 
  • Delivers a collaborative approach to evidence-based medicine and innovation in health care.
  • Is committed to being more than a typical ‘leased network’ of Physicians and Hospitals.

Structured to focus on local health care topics and provide services, BrightPath brings innovation and change to the healthcare system. To accomplish this, BrightPath has created credentialing and quality processes that are led by Medical Directors from each region of the state. These medical directors, along with their peers, collectively provide the physician leadership and communication link to deliver quality health care.